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After a minor hitch with our old server, the tax department, the court appointed receivers, Bill Mundie's motorcycle gang and the huge raft of other legal troubles which have hit the band in recent months, this be the new address of the Cisco Kidneys - purveyors of the finest quality country and estuarine (and even some country and western) music and musical comedy!

Early Morning Gig Signals Beginning of Colonel Hank Howard's Brutal New Regime To Crush Loose Living Layabouts

In an effort to force the Cisco Kidneys to give up their debauched lifestyle, the band manager, Colonel Hank Howard has instigated a program of abstinence, exercise and pious reflection to bring the band members to an unparalled state of moral rectitude - beginning with a 6.30am performance at the Bar-On-The-Hill on the University of Newcastle's Autonomy Day, July 28, 2000.

At a press conference this week, Colonel Hank outlined his plans to require every person in the Cisco Kidneys organisation to take a pledge of physical and moral temperance to improve their performance and save them from gaol and misfortune.

"When I first told the band that they would have to give up alcohol, illegal drugs and the laying with corrupted women, they were very upset. They threw so many glasses and bottles and half-eaten chicken carcasses at me that I was in fear for my life! The Mysterious Crowley even handcuffed me to the back of Bill Mundie's motorcycle and sprayed my face with his policeman's pepper spray until I passed out. Then I woke up and he did it again, and kept doing it until Bill Mundie had to drive to Brisbane to see 'a booze-addled drug slut about some hot steroid action'. The bass playing beast only unchained me in Clybucca, and then only because he had to stop to buy more beer."

With tears in his eyes, Colonel Hank told of his worry for the lives and future health of the band. "I knew things had come to a bad point when even my daily shots of pig adrenilin had no effect on them Even when I tripled the dose and added ape testosterone I had a hard job getting them motivated. I thought to myself 'Colonel Hank, if you don't do something drastic, these talented people will end up as members of parliament!'. So I have decided that from now on, the band will only play early morning gigs, because early to bed and early to rise is making men rich and wise."

Sources from within the band have said that this means that on gig days, they'll stay up all night and rely on on a pig adrenilin boost to keep them going.