Yahoi! And welcome to the tragic but true story of the Laziest Country & Estuarine Band In The World

So, who are these Cisco Kidneys?

Some years ago, a group of blokes decided to form a band and become the bad boys of country music. Instead, they became the Cisco Kidneys, the lazy boys of country music, and set on a journey of discovery - from worthless parasites feasting on the sweat of others to feckless layabouts, wasting their talents on beer and shameless idling.

An old photo of the band

What sort of music do the Ciscos play?

Well, by crikey, there's a whole album of stuff to listen to on this site. Just head over to Bootskanka - The Cisco Kidneys Album.

How can these Cisco Kidney people be contacted?

There's a couple of methods. If you want to e-mail, then it's: trouserscoutling@yahoo.com

For normal mail:
Guido Montana Events
P.O. Box 1016
Newcastle 2300
NSW, Australia.